1998 at San Jose
2002 North CA visited the South 29th classmates at LA
2002 South met North at San Jose
2002 North met South at LA
2003 North & South met at LA
Reunion party 2001, South California
North met South, visted Mr. Hoang's new home in Orange County in Sept 2002
Year Group in North CA 1998
Lam Chi Dat visited CA from Japan 1999
Anh visited Autralia. Classmates:
Lau Que-Duong (left back), Boi-Yi. Lai (Right back)
Chan-Phat and wife, Ta truong-Huu, and Hue-Anh (Front left to right)
1/1/1996 North & South after their first meal of the year at Orange County
The openning of Summer Backyard Party  at Luong's Home in LA June 2004
After dinner, chating until.......
April 10th, 2005 celebration of 66th school aniversary
April 9th 2005 Redwood Park at North CA