My blackboard was at the back!
Spent time for LAUGHING
The "Quiet group" ---"Xom nha ngoi phai nu"
The "Year group" ~ "Group Tao_Chi" in front of school office 1967 
There was no time to think about safety!
Part of Year Group members in front of A-Dong Restaurant at ChoLon 1971
1971 Say goodbye again at Airport Tan Son Nhut
1971 At Zoo Saigon. Obviously the "residents" were freely and happy!
"Group Tao-Chi" had grown up 1972
Getting away from the boring school days and crowded urly dormitory, we were happy...
After a long day outing, Vien Tu-Van, Duong Phuc, and Huynh Phoi-Doan were tired and... to be back to dorm...
Visiting Ninh-Hoa, Phan Chin-Xuan and friends welcame the girls.
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My Life In Dormitory of Tri-Dung
My Class and Me Middle School Time
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Playing at Tri-Dung Six Years
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